UK 30 Day Forecast

Day 6 to 15

UK Outlook for Monday 30 May 2022 to Wednesday 8 Jun 2022: Eastern areas are likely to be cloudier with a higher risk of showers and breezier at the start of this period, with drier weather and the best of the sunshine probably in the west. The east is also expected to see cooler than average temperatures over this period. Into the rest of next week, it will likely be mainly fine and dry, but occasional rain and showers, mainly in the east. Feeling warm in any sunshine. Towards the bank holiday weekend this pattern is likely to continue, with some dry weather and sunny spells, but also some more unsettled and wet conditions developing for some parts of the UK. Any stronger winds likely easing and temperatures likely remaining around average for most.

Day 16 to 30

UK Outlook for Thursday 9 Jun 2022 to Thursday 23 Jun 2022: This period is likely to bring generally settled conditions, with most areas being drier than average overall. Winds will probably be generally light, although the odd spell of stronger winds will still be possible. Temperatures possibly warmer than average, although colder conditions could extend from the northeast at times.

Forecast courtesy of Met Office Datapoint

CFS Monthly 2M Temperature Anomaly Forecast