About This Station

The weather station is powered by a self built one wire network of sensors. The data is collected in near real time and the site is updated approxamatly every 10 seconds. Data is collected using Weather-Display Software. The station is comprised of an ADS anemometer, Rainwise rain gauge, one wire sensors for temperatue, grass temperature, sun hours, night cloud, soil temperatures and humidity. The main sensors are located in a home made Stevenson screen to ensure accurate and consistant readings. Local forecasts are provided using WXSim software, which has been run since November 2016, with accuarcy increasing with learned error reviews weekly. Data has been collected since 2010, but a computer failure in late 2012 and no back up available, lead to the loss of three years historical information.

About Chelmer Village

Chelmer Village is a housing, retail and industrial development in the east of Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex. It comprises a variety of modern suburban dwellings, the Chelmer Village Retail Park and Dukes Park Industrial Estate. Together with "Beaulieu Park" and parts of old Springfield the development forms the "Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park" ward of the Springfield Parish and Chelmsford City Councils.

About Chelmsford


As with all of the UK, Chelmsford has a maritime climate type. Being to the southeast of England, the city enjoys a warmer climate than most of the United Kingdom and often experiences amongst the warmest summers in Britain; It is also one of the drier areas in the country. The nearest met office weather station is Writtle, about 1-mile (1.6 km) west of the city centre. Temperatures often reach 30.0C in the summer, this figure was last achieved on 18 August 2012 and on an average of 19.2 days the temperature will achieve a value of 25.1C or above. The hottest day on record was on Sunday 10 August 2003 when 35.7C was recorded. Before that, 35.2C was recorded in August 1990. On average, however, the hottest day should rise to 30.6C The coldest temperature recorded at Writtle was -20.6C on 29 January 1947. A low of -18C was also recorded during December 1981. Most recently the temperature fell to -13C on 20 December 2010. Air frost is recorded on an average of 52.7 nights of the year, and typically the coldest night will fall to -7.4C. Rainfall average's 591.8 mm a year, with daily totals of over 1 mm falling on 108.1 days of the year. Thunderstorms mostly occur during July and August; however, they can occur anytime of the year. All averages refer to the 30 year observation period 1981-2010. Snow, although infrequent, is sometimes seen in the winter months because the city is near the east coast where cold, moist air is brought in from the North Sea. Snow accumulation is generally seen in the Chelmsford area at least once every winter and snowfall accumulates for an average of 2.5 inches (6 cm). In recent years, there has been up to three inches (8 cm) of snow on days in January and February which has resulted in minor disruption to transport and caused some schools to close. However, the snow tends not to persist for a significant length of time. The last substantial snowfalls in Chelmsford were on 14 February 1991 and 7 January 1982 when around 18 inches to 24 inches fell.

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