UK 15 Day Forecast

Day 6 to 15

UK Outlook for Friday 30 Oct 2020 to Sunday 8 Nov 2020: Unsettled conditions are expected to dominate for the rest of October, with showers or longer spells of rain interspersed with occasional sunny spells. Strong winds are also likely with gales possible at times. The wettest, windiest weather is most likely in the north and west of the UK whilst the best of any drier or brighter weather across the south and east. It will become milder however. A change to generally drier, more settled conditions is probable during early November with any strong winds, showers or longer spells of rain most likely confined to northern areas. Elsewhere winds will probably become mainly light. These more settled conditions bring an increased risk of colder weather with overnight frost and morning fog, particularly across the south.

Forecast courtesy of Met Office Datapoint

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