UK 15 Day Forecast

Day 6 to 15

UK Outlook for Saturday 23 Jan 2021 to Monday 1 Feb 2021: Rather cold and unsettled conditions look likely for most of the UK, as a low pressure system remains to the northeast. Northwesterly winds from this system are expected to bring frequent showers, particularly to north and west-facing coasts, and this will likely fall as snow over high level areas, and also down to lower levels at times. Atlantic low-pressure systems are expected to cross the south/central parts of the country at times, bringing rainfall and periods of slightly milder temperatures, and there will be a risk of snowfall on the boundary between the mild and cold air masses. Northern and central areas are more likely to be affected by wintry hazards during this period. Temperatures mostly rather cold, but closer to average near approaching lows in the south.

Forecast courtesy of Met Office Datapoint

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