UK 15 Day Forecast

Day 6 to 15

UK Outlook for Thursday 24 Jun 2021 to Saturday 3 Jul 2021: Thursday will see dry and settled conditions across eastern and southeastern areas of the UK. Spells of rain, and cloudier conditions, are possible over other areas, but they are likely to be most widespread for northern parts. Western and southwestern parts are then likely to see the most sunshine and the warmest temperatures; rain and showers are probable for other areas, with a risk of further thunderstorms in the southeast. Winds are likely to range between light and moderate throughout this period, and temperatures will hover just below the average for this time of year. Confidence becomes lower later into the period, but there is a chance of high pressure building for a time. This will most likely bring further periods of settled weather, interspersed with brief more unsettled spells.

Forecast courtesy of Met Office Datapoint

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