UK 15 Day Forecast

Day 6 to 15

UK Outlook for Thursday 19 Sep 2019 to Saturday 28 Sep 2019: Dry and bright weather is expected to dominate on Thursday and Friday. Daytime temperatures are likely to be warm for most, and perhaps very warm in the southeast. There could be chilly nights though, with overnight fog patches. Any wet and windy weather will be confined to the far northwest. Over the weekend, cooler, unsettled weather will move in from the west, continuing into the start of next week. The situation beyond next Tuesday is uncertain, but the most likely situation is for southeastern UK to stay fairly dry, with warm daytime temperatures. Low night temperatures are likely, bringing an increased chance of mist, fog or even frost. Meanwhile, the northwest of the UK is more likely to keep stronger winds with heavier rain at times, and lower daytime temperatures.

Forecast courtesy of Met Office Datapoint

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